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Brit d'Oc -02-07-2022

C'est un spécial Cahors Blues Festival émission contenant un interview avec Robert Mauriès, le Président, en français, traduit en anglais.

Playlist : 1.If you wanna leave - Thorbjorn Risager 2.662 - Christone Kingfield Ingram 3.Slowly losing my mind - Barrance Whitfield 4.Equal Opportunity - Poppa Chubby 5.We all gonna boogie - Same Player Shoot Again 6.No Place to go - Kirk Fletcher 7.In the Morning - Kyla Brox 8.Stand up - Whitney Shay 9.Because you love me - Kaz Hawkins 10.One more Dance - One Rusty Band 11.Still here - Leon Beal 12.Mother Earth - Fred Chapelier 13.Chicken Shack Boogie - Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 14.No Reason to stay - Joanne Shaw Taylor 15.I'm going Home - Johnny Gallagher and the Boxtie Band 16. Don't do me no Favours - James Hunter Six

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